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Discover Ultimate Serenity: Your Haven of Total Relaxation

Experience tranquility at The Haven Spa. Skilled professionals offer rejuvenating services, including waxing, facials, and massages. Choose from Hammam, Classic Massage, or Body Glow treatment. Our curated rituals nurture body and soul. Discover serenity at The Haven Spa for complete rejuvenation.

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Your Retreat to Tranquility and Bliss

Discover serenity at The Haven. Rejuvenate with tailored treatments. Escape and find tranquility with us.

The Haven By Depilex

The Haven is the Executive line of spa salon by Depilex Group which is a partnership between Redah Misbah and Isma Majeed. From the design to the science behind client care, we are all about making you feel whole and revived. It is a state of the art facility that provides exclusive services incorporating all the latest beauty and spa techniques and equipment.

body massage faisal town

What makes The Haven different?

The Haven by Depilex spa and salon is a place with great ambiance that provides top of the line spa services. Our unique selling point is our top notch Signature Turkish Hammam & Signature Jacuzzi Bath service that is a full body ritual which helps you distress and experience a nice relaxing spa day. There are no other spa services available in the country at this point in this price range that we offer, where you can experience luxurious and premium services. 

Unveil Radiant Beauty and Complete Revival at The Haven Spa

Unveil transformative indulgences at The Haven Spa, designed for well-being. Elevate Facials with Signature Hydra and Stem Cell options. Choose from Glow and Detox massages. Immerse in Turkish Hammam luxury. Experience holistic care, embrace a radiant glow and inner harmony.

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Beauty Beyond Boundaries: The Haven Salon's Mesmerizing Services

Our dynamic department at The Haven Salon offers an array of indulgences tailored to meet your unique beauty aspirations. Elevate your hair journey through our blow-dry styles, innovative hairstyling, and luxurious treatments, which encompass expert dye applications, seamless root touch-ups, captivating foil and cap highlights, glossing for exquisite shine, and the transformative allure of balayage/ombre effects. Dive into the realm of striking transformation with permanent hair extensions and the magical outcomes of Extenso and Keratin treatments, leaving you breathless. Discover Nail Enhancement services that redefine elegance, while eyebrow threading and tinting create artistry for your gaze. Our mastery of makeup ranges from signature bridal and nikkah/engagement/mehndi packages to dazzling party and senior makeup, illuminating your confidence. Our younger clientele is cherished with the Baby Service, exclusively designed for those under 10. Experience it all within our haven, where even Piercing services are offered to complete your comprehensive beauty journey









Haven of Serenity Unveiling the Transformative Benefits of our Featured Spa

Experience the ultimate relaxation as you enter a world of serenity and rejuvenation. With curated treatments, skilled therapists, and luxurious facilities, our spa offers an oasis of tranquility. Indulge in holistic well-being, rejuvenate your senses, and find solace in the soothing ambiance. Unveil the transformative benefits of our featured spa, where every moment is dedicated to your wellness and blissful escape.

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