Enter the Enchantment: Welcome to Haven Salon.

Step into the enchanting realm of Haven Salon, where each visit unveils a new chapter in your personal style journey. Begin with a rejuvenating experience as our skilled hands bring life to your hair with the wash, haircut, and blow-dry. Elevate your elegance with the exquisite wash, haircut, and blow-dry accompanied by Redah Misbah’s touch. Transform your look with a daring fringe cut or indulge in the revitalizing luxury of a hair wash, leaving you with vibrant and invigorated tresses. Unveil the magic of the Extenso/Keratin wash, breathing fresh energy into your hair, followed by expert blow-drying techniques that embrace versatility, from the sleek straight/inward blow-dry to the captivating flair of outward blow-dry or the enchanting charm of curly blow-dry.


Exquisite Extenso Experience

Embrace elegance at its peak with our "Haven High Bun" - a chic and stylish updo that takes your look to new heights. Crown yourself with confidence and sophistication, as this classic hairstyle exudes charm in simplicity.

curl final

Curl Couture Chic

Experience captivating curls with a Curl Blow Dry at Haven Salon. Our expert stylists craft enchanting waves that add a touch of glamour to your look. Elevate your beauty with mesmerizing curls that exude elegance and charm.

frienge cut

Expressive Fringe Artistry

Our skilled stylists will shape a dynamic fringe that accentuates your features and adds a touch of boldness to your appearance. Embrace the confidence that comes with a perfectly tailored fringe, reflecting your unique personality.

Style Evolution

Experience a stunning transformation with our diverse range of hairstyles. From the timeless Curled Bun to the intricate Bridal Knot Braid, each style tells a unique story. Embrace the allure of Side Swept Curls and make a bold statement with the Horizontal Roll. Discover the elegance of the S curl and the confidence of the Vertical Roll. Unleash your inner diva with the Twist Pony or exude classic chicness with the Braided Bun. Whatever your style, our collection is a reflection of artistry and beauty, tailored to enhance your charm.

IMG_4275 t

Graceful Curl Bun

Embrace elegance at its peak with our 'Haven High Bun' - a chic and stylish updo that takes your look to new heights. Crown yourself with confidence and sophistication, as this classic hairstyle exudes charm in simplicity. Elevate your style journey with us.


Bridal Knot Braid Elegance

Elevate your bridal beauty with a Bridal Knot Braid at Haven Salon. Our expert stylists weave intricate elegance into your hair, creating a timeless and captivating look. Embrace the symbol of love and grace as you walk down the aisle, radiating confidence and beauty on your special day.

twist pony

Pony Glamour Haven

Twist Pony offers a magical experience. Talented stylists work their artistry on pony manes, weaving intricate twists and vibrant hues. It's a haven where grooming becomes an enchanting adventure, leaving both you and your pony with unforgettable moments of beauty and bonding.

Every Detail, an Extension of Beauty

From Bridal Makeup to Party Makeup, our skilled team ensures you radiate beauty on your special day. With Hair Styling and meticulous Jewelry and Dupatta Setting, every detail is perfected. Traditional elegance shines with Mehndi Application and Nail Colour. For any occasion, Eye Make-up, Eyelash and Eyeliner Application create captivating allure. With us, your beauty is in expert hands, whether it’s an Evening Makeup, Dupatta / Sari Setting, or Makeup Touch-up, ensuring you glow through every moment.

bridal depilex

Radiant Bridal Elegance

Discover bridal perfection at Haven Salon. Our skilled makeup artists curate a personalized look that captures your essence on this momentous day. With attention to every detail, we create a radiant and enduring makeup style, ensuring you exude confidence and grace as you embark on your new journey..

IMG_4357 t

Ravishing Revelry Look

Embrace your party with unwavering confidence, courtesy of Haven Salon. Our expertly crafted makeup ensures you shine brilliantly throughout the celebration, leaving you free to revel in every joyful moment.


Transformative Haven Rituals

At Haven Salon, we offer a range of hair-transforming treatments that cater to every need. From the vibrant 'Go Bananas' ritual to the soothing 'Aloe Infusion,' we ensure your locks receive the care they deserve. For your scalp, our offerings include invigorating scrubs, nourishing oils, and advanced treatments like 'L'Oreal Pro - Keratin' and 'Keravive Hydra Scalp.'".

Journey to Radiant Transformation

Welcome to Haven, where beauty meets transformation in every service we offer. Our commitment to your well-being and radiance guides us as we craft an oasis of rejuvenation and renewal. With each treatment, from hair to makeup, and everything in between, our skilled team invites you to rediscover your natural glow. Embrace a haven of self-care where you’re pampered and empowered, leaving our sanctuary feeling beautiful inside and out. Elevate your senses, embark on a journey of transformation, and experience the true essence of Haven

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